Make any page unique using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

You can modify and extend the Content HTML of any page. When in HTML mode you can attach style sheets, scripts as files or write it inline. The Source editor has syntax highlighting, auto indent, validation and tools for easy inserting of relevant URL's and you can change and extend CMS Function calls using XML editing.

  1. Edit the page and launch the Content tab.
  2. If you have multiple Content placeholders, select the desired one
  3. Click the "Source" button to the right above the Visual editor

When working in the Source editor you should be aware of the following constraints:

  • C1 CMS will not allow you to save anything "invalid" that it does not understand. You will be given a detailed error message when trying to save invalid HTML or XML.
  • The Visual editor can not show all HTML and may even delete it. Things like "image maps" and "flash html" may not show correctly in the Visual editor and may even be modified or deleted.
  • The Source editor support XML namespaces. If you create some markup like <f: function name="..." /> then you should have a property like <... /> on the element or higher up in the document. For an in-depth description visit the developer description of XML Namespaces in HTML and C1 CMS

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