Data is easy to define and maintain

Data types are all about structured data being similar to how you store data in database tables. By structuring data, you can ensure content reuse both at the level of the entire website and at that of a single web page.

Being flexible and customizable, data types can help you manage various types of information intended for different purposes.

The data you can reuse in C1 CMS has its scope of visibility:

  • Global data can be accessed and reused across multiple websites and web pages.
  • Page data and meta data are available within one web page.

Accordingly, C1 CMS provides you with three kinds of data types:

  • Global data types: Represent data reusable across all web pages on all web sites created in C1 CMS.
  • Page data folders: Represent data associated with one specific page. When created, this data type results in a data folder linked to the page and the editor can store page-specific data in this folder.
  • Page meta types: Represent flexible metadata structures assigned to a page or a section of the website.

In this section, you will learn the basics of C1 CMS Data types as well as dive into a number of advanced data-related topics.

  • What is a Datatype?

    A quick introduction to data types in C1 CMS.

  • Creating Datatypes

    A guide to creating and using data types in C1 CMS as well as using Forms Renderer to add input forms on web pages for these data types.

  • Using Global Data

    A quick guide to creating and using dynamic data types on your website.

  • Page Data Folders

    A quick guide to creating and using page data folders in C1 CMS.

  • Page Meta Types

    A quick guide to creating page meta types and using page meta fields in C1 CMS.

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