Visual Functions


Visual functions are a quick and convenient way of presenting dynamic data of a specific type on a page. Creating a Visual function requires no specific skills in programming or editing markup.

A newly created function is ready to be used right away due to the default settings and layout it comes with. You can however change the way a Visual function behaves or look by changing these default settings and the layout.

Let’s see how to create and use a Visual Function in C1 CMS.

Before You Begin

A Visual function is always based on a data type existing in C1 CMS - a global data type, a page data folder or a page meta type.

At least one data item of this type must be added before you can create a Visual function to render the type.

One Visual function always stands for one data type. You cannot use a visual function to present data from two or more datatypes.

When creating a Visual function, you can select which data fields to use for rendering as well as sort data items by one field and limit the number of items to display.