A Guide to CMS Functions


Functions are one of the central concepts in C1 CMS. They allow you not only to render content kept internally on a website but also integrate external content, functionality or logic within the website.

Being convenient for presenting web content in a highly customizable way, the functions themselves are highly customizable. Besides, being uniform in use, the functions are normally based on various technologies such as Razor, XSLT, .NET or SQL, which are transparent to the end users.

Who Should Read This Guide

This guide is intended for content editors who would like to learn how to use CMS functions that help reuse content, use dynamic content and enhance content by customizing its presentation and behavior.

Since this guide is solely focused on using rather than creating functions, it might be sufficient to have proper permissions in the Content perspective where you will insert functions on pages and edit their properties.

If you do not mind editing XHTML directly, you might need proper permissions in Layout and Functions.

In addition, if you are going test your knowledge by completing the tasks at the end of this guide, you will need access to the System perspective with permissions required to install add-ons.

What You Will Learn

When you finish reading this guide, you will know:

  • What CMS functions are
  • Where and what you can use functions for
  • What types of functions there are
  • How to insert functions in content and markup
  • How to edit function properties
  • How to set function parameters
  • What types of parameters you can set
  • Where to look up the description of functions and their parameters