User Permissions

Assign global permissions to the user

When you have created a user, you will be able to grant the user access to the perspectives, website's data language, regional settings and CMS Console language individually. These permissions can be changed later by selecting the user in the tree structure and clicking Edit User.

To assign global permissions to the user:

  1. On the General tab under CMS Console Localization, select the regional settings (the way numbers, dates etc are formatted in data fields) and the language of the CMS Console (if other languages are installed).

    General permissions for a user
  2. On the Permissions tab:
    1. under User Groups, choose what user group(s) the user should be assigned to (see "Assigning Users to Groups" for more information),

    2. and under Data language access, choose which languages the user should have access to on the website in.

  3. On the Perspectives tab, choose which perspectives the should have access to.

  4. Save the changes.

Note: Access to the perspectives is a combination of the accesses granted to the user and the user groups this user belongs to.

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