User Guide

What is a datatype?

Data in C1 CMS can be stored in a structure called “datatype”. Data is only information that can be displayed in various ways and datatypes gives you the opportunity to reuse data on various pages across the website. There are three different kinds of datatypes in C1 CMS.

  • Global datatypes
  • Page datatypes
  • Meta datatypes

Datatypes can be created with the number and types of field as required. Datatypes are created in the Data navigation perspective, but the single data items that are created based on the type, can be edited from the Content perspective. This means that editors only need to have access to the Content perspective to be able to edit the content of a data item.

Figure 70: The content of a data item can be edited from the Content perspective

Datatypes are created in the Data perspective. Developers can define datatypes to meet a solution’s requirement by creating exactly the fields needed. In the field editor they can create new fields and define both field and presentation type on each field.

Figure 71: Developers can create the types and number of fields required for the datatypes needed on the solution

Meta datatypes and page datatypes can be added to pages from the Content perspective. This is done by right clicking the page where you want to add the datatype and selecting Adddatafolder or Add metadata field.

Figure 72: Adding page data folders and meta fields

The global datatypes are used when you have data that you want to be able to use on several pages across the website.