Friendly URLs

Use friendly, easy-to-remember URLs for pages

The "Friendly URLs" feature allows you to associate a "short URL" to a page and is typically used to create URLs for printed material and other external communication where a short URL like is desired.

To associate a Friendly URL to a page:

  1. Edit a page.
  2. Open the Settings tab.
  3. In the Friendly URL field, type in the string, for example, "Friendly-URLs" that will be immediately added to your website's URL.
  4. Save or save and publish the page.

If the page's Friendly URL is "Products" and the website's URL is "", the resulting complete URL is "".

A Friendly URL need not be a short string. It could also be "Products/Tablet-PCs.php", which will result in "".

Note: On multilingual sites the complete URL will also include the "URL Mapping Name" of the page language like "da" for Danish: "".

The URL Mapping Name for a language can be controlled by editing the language in the "System" perspective. One (and only one) language can have an empty URL Mapping Name, making friendly URLs look like "".