Spell Checking

Check spelling as you type

Starting from version 3.1, C1 CMS makes use of automatic spell-checking in content editors and most data fields in the CMS Console.

This feature is only available in Firefox.

Note: C1 CMS version 4.0 or later can also use the built-in spell-checker in Internet Explorer 10.

As to Firefox, you should make sure to have a dictionary installed in Firefox to match the language of your CMS Console. For example, for English US, you need an English / United States dictionary.

When you switch to another language on your website, the dictionary is automatically switched, too, provided it has been already installed.

If the word is highlighted as misspelled, you can right click it to see spelling suggestions in the context menu.

Note: In Visual Content Editor, you should press SHIFT when right-clicking (SHIFT + right-click) to get spelling suggestions in the Firefox's menu. Otherwise, the editor's context menu will pop up.

Spell checking is enabled on most data fields where it makes sense. Spell-checking on fields like a type name / namespace or an URL title is disabled.