Publish a Page

How to Publish a Page

When you have created a page and feel satisfied with its content, you can publish the page to the website.

  1. On the Content tab in the page tree, select the page you want to publish.
  2. Click Publish on the toolbar.

    Publish a Page

Alternatively, you can right-click the page and click "Publish" in the context menu.

If you click "Send For Publication", the page will be published after it is approved by the user with this permission.

Unpublishing the page

To unpublish the page:

  1. Select the page you want to unpublish in the page tree. The toolbar will now display a new menu command called Unpublish.
  2. Click Unpublish and the page will no longer be displayed on the website.

    Unpublish a Page

You can also unpublish the page from its context menu.

Publishing while editing

When you are editing a page, you can also publish it.

Rather than saving the page by clicking the Save button, you can switch the mode of the button and click Save and Publish instead.

This will:

  1. save the changes as a new draft
  2. and then publish the page with these changes.

Publishing a page

Watch how you can publish your page changes and make them available for visitors on your website.

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