The Content Perspective is the most used perspective for editors.

The Content perspective contains the pages of one or more websites arranged in a tree structure that reflects the structure of actual websites. The Content perspective is examined closer in the Pages section.


The pages of the website arranged in a tree structure.
In order to insert a media on a webpage, the media has to be uploaded to the system first. The Media perspective consists of the media archive, which displays all the uploaded media that can be used, when you are editing pages from the content editor. It is possible to upload single as well as multiple media files, from the Media perspective.
From the Data perspective you can create different kinds of data types. A data type is a preconfigured structure for data. A datatype can be either global or local (page data folders) or can be used for meta data.
Page types. page layout templates and page template features are placed in the Layout perspective. All pages are based on a page type, which may limit what templates are available, define page type specific meta data and influence what type of sub-pages you can create.
The Functions perspective gives developers the possibility to create different kinds of functions. They could be Razor, User Control, C#, XSLT, SQL, or Visual functions.
This perspective features the overview of available and installed packages, language administration which allows you to add new languages to the solution, user administration with all users assigned to user groups, full access to all the website files, showed in the same structure as on the web server, and the server log viewer.

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